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June 27, 2012


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Hi Mark,
What are the logistics of setting a pool like this up in a backyard? How much square footage would it need? It can be set up as a permanent structure with pump, filter system, etc? Are there any rust issues?



Access is just about the biggest issue. The dumpsters are 20' or 24' long by 8' wide. So unless a crane is involved (which is doable, but will add $500 or so to the overall cost...) a minimum of 9' and maneuvering space would be required if it is a simple truck delivery. The pool would be as permanent as you want it, but would require pumps and filters, etc. which is all relatively off the shelf standard pool equipment. The containers are painted with heavy duty industrial paint, and the inside of the pool is lined with a rubberized coating for non-slip and corrosion protection.


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