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April 29, 2011


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That last shot is amazing. I'd hate to see it covered with insulation and panels. Any plans to use this system with containers?

Mark Meyer

yeah. this is simply a "barn" for farm equipment, so no need for insulation and interior finish. Honestly I'm not even sure how one would go about attaching any sort of panelized interior finish. I guess one could bolt on some interior hat channels when the panels are going up, and then spray foam insulation into the cavities and cover with sheetrock or some bendy-ply. I have been thinking about this as a relatively inexpensive way to span a roof structure across the space between some containers, but it seems to present more problems than it solves. Though I do like the aesthetic of it was only defining an exterior covered space between said containers.


Yeah, seems firmly rooted in the utilitarian, keep the rain out kind of use. Sure is pretty on the inside. Freakin' bolts. Maybe next time a pneumatic riveter? Too bad the whole thing doesn't 'accordion' out in one swoop.

Hfmfg Corp

Great looking photos especially the last photo. Thanks for posting this.

rico seda

What about the quality of the product? Decent? You'd buy again?

Mark Meyer


I think the quality of the system was top-notch actually. The only issue we ran into had nothing to do with the building system or materials, but rather some slightly off work by the foundation subcontractor. But nothing that we couldn't fix within the system itself. I will warn you though, there are thousands of nuts and bolts that have to be accessed from BOTH sides in order to properly tighten!

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