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December 23, 2009


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Colin Hand

I've always thought this was one of your most inspired and forward looking projects. Definitely one of my favorites. Really embodies that modern Texas architectural thing. Thanks for the detailed write-up.

New York Office Space

This is a beautiful project. It reminds us all that with honest work and effort, projects come out this great. Will you be using this space for personal use or separate the structure into units for rent (such as office space)?


This is a project that started back in 1997. It was for a woodworking shop and wood finishing studio, and while still serving both of those purposes, there have been many additions and modifications to the buildings to suite the lifestyle of the owners. They have greatly planted out the area between the buildings into an other-wordly oasis of agaves, aloes, and prickly pears, as well as flowering vines and a kitchen garden. It has been a joy watching this project grow up over the years. It really feels like it has been a part of that landscape forever.

Siding Augusta

Nice one... The project design are great.. :)

Derby Office To let

Beautiful project! Always have loved studio/warehouse type units for an office or residential unit. The rustic touch to it is just irresistible.

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