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May 03, 2010


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Greg La Vardera

Mark, you should really get some of these past house designs up on a house plan site - seems like a waste to let them just sit on your hard drive. You should contact FreeGreen about their new paid plan site: http://www.better-houseplans.com/

Larry Vickers

It's been several years since we were in touch and I've experimented with post-frame houses, two successful ones in Asheville, and additional SIPs houses, the latest just completed at Cape San Blas, FL, before the tar balls. Next out I want to do a radically low cost shipping container house for my daughter in Wilmington, NC, and I suspect you are The Man in this design area. I'm thinking of something tiny using two 20' non-functioning reefer boxes separated by a 12' joist system, probably with a SIPs roof over the center span. Thinking the roof panels can be 8' leaned to a "ridge" without a ridge beam, the panels lapped and screwed together at the peak. Now get this: the entire box, including piling system to raise it 8' off the ground, needs to come in at $50K. I think I can, I think I can. Comments? Plans? Suggestions?

Justin Weems

Its a damn shame about this house. It really is beautiful. My wife and I are headed to Port A this week. I'd really like to take a look at it if you have the address.


Justin, the house is at 429 E. White Street, which is over near the Tarpon Inn. Check it out and let me know if it is still empty.

Justin Weems

Mark, we went by to have a look at the place today. We could barely walk up to the front door because the weeds were so high. We finally got up to take a look at it and man it is awesome! Some of the furniture and dishes have been left behind which I thought was weird. I walked around to the side and realized the corner window has been busted out.
It really is terrible that this house has been abandoned. Is there any way I can get in contact with the guy who owns (or owned) it. Why would he just leave it?


Justin, The house was forclosed on and is currently owned by the bank, and they want what they put into it, which is somewhere around $180K, which as you may guess is more than it is currently worth, especially considering the $20K or $30K needed to get it back in proper shape, and to fix some things that were never done correctly in the first place.

Adam Waterford

With its unique and modern architecture, I'm sure I wouldn't sell it to anyone if I owned that house. I hope the new owner would preserve that place so that its beauty would be maintained.

Ruby - sumoservices.com

Looks wonderful! The house looks so simple in the outside and yet so cozy and homey inside. Just my kind of house!

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