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September 08, 2009


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who is we?


that would be the royal "we" of designSTUDIO. While I'd like to think that I do all of this on my own, it takes a cast of thousands to pull these things off...




Beautiful house. Mark..


Mark Fojas

Mark, so how does one obtain the CourtHouse design? Is this being offered as an off the shelf plan or will subsequent CourtHouses be one-offs? I have loved this design for quite a while. It's a real treat to see it in the flesh. Is it possible to see the layout of this one as well?



There are a few different options for getting this design built, depending on where you are located. This particular version was extensively modified to suit the tight site and the requirement for a basement. There are quite a few other courtHOUSE iterations that can be modified to suit the site and programmatic requirements.

If you are in Texas, (or just REALLY interested in prefab and willing to push to get one built somewhere other than Texas) we've done a prefab version for www.ClearSpacehomes.com

I quite like the resolution of the modular design as it is much more of what I had in mind from the beginning of this design.

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